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What is Workz360

Workz360 was developed by FlexTek, an established Human Capital company based in Houston, Texas. Our founder has almost three decades in the business, including as president of a major national staffing firm. We created the platform to address the time-consuming process of hiring gig workers in numerous locations, and are dedicated to providing a seamless experience for the company and the Independent Worker.

How am I assured of the quality of those on your platform?

The worker rating system is the best gauge of the quality of those on the Workz360 platform, as it represents the real-time experiences of other hiring managers. Those who have earned a WorkzBest or WorkzBetter designation are the cream of the crop based on feedback, tenure, and their project or hourly charges as compared to the market. In addition, we have built a platform that enables two-way communications before, during and after the job. Finally, as a corporate client, you have access to a US based customer success manager who can help guide you through the process and address any issues that may arise.

How are payments facilitated?

Payments are prefunded to the platform, and once the Independent Worker is approved and gig job completed, the funds are released.

What about year-end reporting?

When you hire Independent Worker on the Workz360 platform, we handle all the year end IRS reporting for the workers you hire. And we can generate custom reports based on your needs. We can work directly with your finance and accounting department to provide the data that can feed directly into most accounting systems.

Why should I pay the fee for a Workz360 Independent Worker when other platforms are worker-paid?

The dirty secret in the industry is that most companies are already paying the fee, because Independent Workers have learned to increase their rates to include the fees that other platforms are assessing. Our aim is to be transparent and fair to all parties.

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