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Whether you’re hiring for a Fortune 500 corporation or the local “mom and pop” business down the street, Workz360 is the one place to find the right people ready to work right now.

Find Independent Professionals

Hire talent with the skills you need when you want and where you want. Access our easy-to-use portal and communicate directly with Workz360 Independent Professionals.

Just-in-time (JIT) Independent Professional when and where you need them

No “pay padding”Click to see comparison of Pay Padding vs Workz360 model.
Simplified annual tax reporting
Ability to require background tests, drug tests, proof of COVID vaccine in advance
Scheduling tool built into the network
Location based check-in and check-out

Independent Professional rating system allows you to choose the best and brightest based on actual projects

Facilitated communication on the network including ability to share documents, photos, etc.

Conflict Resolution
Let’s face it, sometimes life happens. Workz360 has live, US based customer success managers to answer questions or resolve issues

Pay Padding

The surge in the number of Independent Professional networks has led to Pay Padding—the dynamic in which workers will inflate their project or hourly rate to compensate for the bite that most networks take—which can be up to 20%, and in some cases, more when the fees and extras are added.

Workz360 is here to promote greater transparency for Independent Professionals and the Innovative Enterprises who hire them.

Innovative Enterprises:
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