Yes, you work hard and take great satisfaction in a job well done—holding yourself to high standards with respect to the work at hand. You plan work around your life.

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Workz360 easy-to-use app features robust work search with simple onboarding to immediate work benefits that meet your needs.

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The network is completely free to Independent Professionals—fees are paid by the company that hires you

You set your own rates for hourly projects

You establish your travel distance parameters for on-premises work

Independent Professionals are paid instantly once the job’s approved

Portal facilitates and archives all communications

List all your skills in one network—eliminates the need to be on multiple independent professional networks

Live, US based Workz360 customer success professionals available to address questions or concerns

Workz360 supports Independent Professionals through education and resources about running your own independent business

We are currently in the process of developing liability insurance, healthcare, and retirement benefits for the highest performing Independent Professionals on the Workz360 network

Independent Professionals:
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