Corporate hiring managers, HR associates, recruiters, and small business owners, you’re in the right place

Workz360 is the go-to platform to find “just in time” Independent Workers. Whether you’re hiring for a Fortune 500 corporation or the latest local “it” hotel, Workz360 is the one place to find the right people ready to work right now. Our customized platform simplifies and streamlines the hiring of Independent Workers. We handle the bulk of your administrative burden from hiring date to “Happy Trails”, which lets you enjoy a lot more freedom.

Workz360 offers numerous
well-rounded benefits

No other integrated platform works harder for you in so many areas

  • Hire a talent with the skills you need when you want, where you want
  • Workz360 comes with  an “Independent Worker Rating” system for quality assurance
  • Access our easy-to-use portal to communicate directly with Workz360 Independent Worker
  • Consult with your dedicated Engagement Manager at any time

The Financial Benefits

Count on Workz360 to save you time and worry

  • Never worry about the on-boarding hassle process
  • We are the go-to site for job-ready Independent Workers even in a tough labor market
  • Save yourself the cost of a Workz360 Independent Worker, that is 20% lower on average than a traditional contract employee
  • Workz360 is the gig business partner that provides stability and structure to members of our Independent Worker pool, so they can focus on your work

The Data Analytics Benefits

Use these tools and services at any time

  • Know how much you spent per job in detail for your company
  • See your personal dashboard for detailed metrics on what and how the Independent Worker has performed
  • Count on 24/7 customer service for any issue that may arise